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November 5, 2020

Info: AgilityHealth releases enhancements and new features, along with bug fixes, every Wednesday night at 5 PM CT. Any items our customers should be aware of are posted on Thursdays. Not all weeks will have customer facing items and on those weeks, no release notes will be posted.

Improved Team Structure Navigation

For features using the team structure displayed in the left navigation, such as Insights and Pulse, when a user navigates to that feature, they will now see data displayed for the first team they have permission to view.

In the example below, this user has landed on the Insights Team Agility Dashboard and is seeing data for the Product Team, which is highlighted in the left navigation. The user can also now see the hierarchy of other teams in the company but can only navigate to those they have permission to view. The teams they cannot access are now displayed in light grey text and the teams they have permission to view are displayed in black text.


Anonymizing Team Names for Org Leaders

Another new enhancement for the left navigation is the anonymizing of team names for Org Leaders, if they do not have permission to view team names. The permissions for an Org Leader default to anonymized team names throughout AgilityHealth. This anonymizing of names now applies to features using our left navigation, such as Insights and Pulse.

Please note - an Org Leader can be granted access to view team names in their user profile. In the example below, this Org Leader does not have permission to view team names so they have been anonymized.


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