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January 21, 2021

Info: AgilityHealth releases enhancements and new features, along with bug fixes, every Wednesday night at 5 PM CT. Any items our customers should be aware of are posted on Thursdays. Not all weeks will have customer facing items and on those weeks, no release notes will be posted.

Announcing Pulse Checks!

A Pulse Check allows you to select groups of questions from an assessment and send them to team members on multiple teams on a schedule of your choice. Used in between teams taking a full assessment, Pulse Checks can allow you to see changes in the team's health in select areas quickly.

Check out these new articles! 

Toggle Active vs Inactive AHFs on Facilitator Dashboard

We have added the ability to toggle between Active and Inactive AHFs on the Facilitator dashboard. AHFs will display based on the AHF status on their user profile under Manage Users.


Learn more about this new feature on the Facilitator Dashboard.

AgilityHealth Roadmap and Voting on Features & Enhancements

Ever wondered what great features AgilityHealth is working on next? Visit our new Roadmap page - anytime! From there, you can also visit our list of upcoming features and enhancements to vote on the highest priority items to your company.


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