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How do I use the Idea Board during a retrospective?

During a retrospective, teams and individuals analyze their assessment results and create a Growth Plan, which contains multiple Growth Items. There is often a lot of brainstorming and discussion around Growth Items before the final plan can be made. To facilitate this process, we created the Idea Board.

The Idea Board is available for all radar types and each assessment a team or individual completes has its own Idea Board to ensure they are only focused on the results from a single assessment.

The Facilitator will have two AgilityHealth® tabs open when facilitating the discussion with the team—one for the assessment results and one for the Idea Board. This makes it easy to flip back and forth between the results and the brainstorming session for Growth Items.

Access the Idea Board

While on the results page for a team or individual talent development assessment, click the lightbulb icon at the beginning of the icons in the upper right-hand corner. This will open a second tab with a blank Idea Board.

Screenshot 2023-11-02 at 2.44.18 PM.png

Create a new Growth Item idea card

Each Dimension on the corresponding radar will be represented as a column in the Idea Board and there is an additional Notes column as well. To create a new Growth Item idea, click the plus icon under the correct Dimension or the Notes column to create a card.


A blank card will be created.


Click anywhere inside the white space of the new card to add a quick description to represent the Growth Item idea. The text you type into the white space on a Growth Item card will populate as the Description of the Growth Item if you move this item into the growth plan located at the bottom of the radar results page by selecting either of the icons in the bottom left corner of the card. As the brainstorming continues, continue adding cards for each idea.

Vote for the winning ideas, votes allowed, sort votes, reset votes, and merge cards

Once you have added all your Growth Item ideas, the team can vote on the ones they would like to work on by clicking the thumbs-up icon. The Facilitator can set the number of votes allowed per person but has unlimited votes themselves so they can vote on behalf of team members, if necessary.

Facilitators assigned to the assessment and users in an Admin role will see all of the below:


As team members use their votes, the display will show them how many times they have voted and how many they have left. They can also use the sort votes button.


Votes are made on cards by clicking on the thumbs-up icon. More than one vote per card can be cast and votes can be removed one by one using the X next to the vote(s).


Once everyone has voted, clicking the Sort button will arrange the cards in each column so the cards are in descending order by the number of votes, putting the card with the most votes at the top of each column. 


Facilitators can use the Reset Votes button to clear all votes off all cards. This is convenient when you want to narrow down ideas and ask the team to vote on the final growth items. You can decrease the number of votes allowed per person first if you wish.


If you have cards with similar ideas and would like to combine them, you can merge cards by clicking and dragging one card onto another. If the cards have votes on them, the votes will be added together on the new combined card and the text from both cards will be combined.

If a card already has a Growth Item attached, meaning one of the icons in the bottom right corner of a card has been selected, that card cannot be merged with another card. 

To delete a Growth Item card, click the trashcan icon in the top right corner of the card. If there is no text entered into the card, the item will automatically delete. If there is text on the card, there will be an additional verification to confirm you want to delete it.


Move the final ideas to the Growth Plan

When the Growth Item ideas have been narrowed down, you are ready to move your chosen Growth Items to the Growth Plan, located at the bottom of the radar results page.

To automatically create Growth Items in the Growth Plan, Teams choose either the Growth Item Category of Team or Organizational while Individuals with a talent development assessment choose either Individual or Management, by clicking the coordinating icon. The icon will turn green when selected.

In the team assessment Idea Card example below, the Team icon was chosen for the Growth Item Category and is green.


In the individual talent development assessment Idea Card example below, the Individual icon was chosen for the Growth Item Category and is green.


Selecting the Growth Item Category will cause the Growth Item idea to be automatically turned into a Growth Item in the Growth Plan at the bottom of the radar results page. The Description and Category will populate, as well as a Priority of Medium. You may need to refresh the assessment results page to see the newly added Growth Items.

To add a title, more in-depth description, acceptance criteria, and other details, you will need to click Edit to open the Growth Item card.


Move a Growth Item card to a different Dimension

If you create a Growth Item card in one Dimension and decide it needs to be moved, you can simply click on and drag the card to a different Dimension. You can also move cards to and from the Notes column into any Dimension column on the board and vice versa.


Change the Growth Item Category

The icons on the bottom of the card are used to identify the Category of Growth Items. For team assessments, the options are Team or Organizational. For individual talent development assessments, the options are Individual or Management. The icon selected will turn green as the Category is selected.

Here is a team assessment Idea Card with the Team Growth Item Category selected. 


Here is an individual talent development assessment Idea Card with the Individual Growth Item Category selected. 


Choosing a Category causes the Growth Item to be created as a Growth Item in the Growth Plan on the radar results page. If you change the Category of a Growth Item card on the Idea Board, it will also change the Category of the Growth Item in the Growth Plan on the radar results page.

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