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How can I hide specific team assessment comments and use presenter mode?

Individual comments from Team Members or Stakeholders or all assessment comments can be hidden from the team view. This can be toggled on and off during a Retrospective, which allows for the Facilitator to review comments before they are posted for the team to view. 

Who can hide comments on an assessment?

Once this feature is enabled for your company, the Facilitator for the assessment and the Company Admin will have this new option. 

Team comments and Stakeholder comments are separated and Stakeholder comments will be highlighted in orange. 

What comments can be hidden?

You have the option to hide all Team Member comments or hide all Stakeholder comments. This grays them out for you and stops the Team Members from viewing the comments. 


Individual comments can also be hidden from the view of the team. 


How do I hide and unhide comments? 

You can hide and unhide all or individual comments by using the hide/unhide button in the comment's row.

While comments are hidden, the Facilitator has the ability to screen the comments that came in and if needed, hide or reword any comments prior to the team seeing them. Learn about editing comments

When comments are hidden the rest of the comments are placed in random order so that the team can't tell when they were submitted based on the time the assessment was taken. 

What is Presenter Mode?

Using presenter mode as a Facilitator during a Retrospective allows you to share your screen without the comments you have hidden being seen. All hidden comments will be removed from view in Presenter mode.

To enter Presenter mode, click the eye icon at the top right of the radar. A pop-up will ask you to confirm you want to remove all hidden comments from the view of the team. 

Screenshot 2023-11-02 at 2.52.05 PM.png


How do I exit Presenter mode?

To disable presenter mode scroll up to the top and click the open eye icon. A note will confirm that all hidden comments will come into view for you on your screen, but will still be hidden from the team when looking at results on their own. Screen_Shot_2022-09-28_at_2.36.02_PM.png

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