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How do I manually share assessment results?

Assessment results are best reviewed as a team with a Facilitator during a Retrospective. AgilityHealth® has a feature that Company Admins or Partner Admins can enable that will restrict assessment takers from seeing their results until the Facilitator manually shares them.  

To enable this feature, contact your Company Admin or Partner Admin.

Who can manually share assessment results?

- Facilitator for the assessment

- Company Admins

- Partner Admins

*Note: If you're not the Facilitator for the specific assessment, you won't be able to access this feature.

How do I manually share assessment results?

When you're ready for team members to receive an email letting them know their assessment results are ready, go to the Team's Assessment Dashboard. Click the pencil icon to edit the assessment.

On the edit assessment page, click the green Share Assessment Results button at the top of the page.  


Click the Share Results button in the pop-up to send an email to team members so they can log in and see their assessment results.


Once you click Share Results, team members will receive an email letting them know the results are ready to view.


How do I stop sharing assessment results?

Navigate back to the edit assessment page and click Stop Sharing Assessment Results.

This will remove access for team members to view the results until you are ready to share them again.

All previous assessment results will still be available to view.


How can I tell if assessment results are not shared?

On the team's Assessment Dashboard, if a radar is grayed out for a member of the team, like the example below, that assessment is locked. 


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