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How can I analyze the sentiment of textual comments?

The textual comments collected from team members during an assessment can be analyzed by AgilityHealth in order to provide a high-level sentiment analysis of those textual comments.

Text analytics, which results in a Sentiment Analysis, can be turned on in any of the following locations, in any combination. Each of the locations can be enabled for an entire company, a specific User Type such as Company Admin, and/or individual users.

If enabled, the Sentiment Analysis will display in the locations you choose, for the users you choose, for all past team level assessments available to those users. It is not available on Talent Management/Individual/360 assessments.

The Sentiment Analysis chart will display the overall sentiment of textual comments with a percentage for how much of the comments are generally Positive, Neutral and Negative. Where available, the Key Phrases used most often in the textual comments will also display.


Assessment Summary Level

The Analytics chart within an assessment’s results will include both a Sentiment Analysis chart and a list of Key Phrases used within all textual comments in the assessment.


Dimension Level

In the Team Comments section of assessment results, for each Dimension of the assessment, a Sentiment Analysis chart will be displayed that encompasses all the textual comments made for the Sub-Dimensions within that specific Dimension collected during the assessment.


Multi-Team/Enterprise Team Analytics Chart and Analysis Section

When viewing results within a Multi-Team or Enterprise Team, the Sentiment Analysis and Key Phrases displayed below the Analytics chart or in the Analysis Section will change as you make changes to the filters for Teams, Tags, Roles and Participant Groups.

Both a Sentiment Analysis chart and a list of Key Phrases are available below the Analytics Chart.


A Sentiment Analysis chart is available in the Analysis section.


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